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Be Natural
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Be Natural Music Therapy and Wellness is a nonprofit organization that exists to support, advocate for, and educate the underserved communities in Dallas County and surrounding areas.


Our adults are faced with overwhelming stressors daily and struggle to navigate life's demands and deal with difficult emotions. Our Wellness Center incorporates qigong/tai chi, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and relaxation to teach effective management of stress and healthy coping strategies.

Our teens are also faced with overwhelming stressors daily, making it difficult for them to regulate their emotions, make healthy decisions and communicate effectively. Our Center for Self-Expression utilizes music therapy to be a voice, teach emotional self-regulation, healthy self-expression and problem-solving skills through songwriting, drumming, spoken word, slam poetry and movement. 

Be Natural is proud to be a 2021 graduate of the United Way Social Innovation Incubator Program developed by Bridge for Billions. Our goal is to bring a wellness-focused way of living to the communities we  serve. 

Our Leadership team

Our Mission
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Our Mission

To improve the mental and physical health outcomes of the communities we serve 

Our Vision

One day every person will live a healthy life 

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