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Are there different types of MHFA classes? 

There are three types: adult, youth and teen. 

What types of MHFA classes do you offer? 

We offer both adult and youth training 

Do you offer any online classes?

Yes, we offer in-person, blended and online training 

What is the cost for the training? 

The classes are free, thanks to our funding partner, NTBHA.

How long are the classes?

The classes are 7-8 hours long.



What types of workshops do you offer in your self-expression initiative?

We offer drumming, rap/spoken word, songwriting and movement workshops. 

Do I need my own drums? 

No, drums are provided by Be Natural. 

Is previous music training required to attend the workshops?

No previous music experience required. 

What age group do you offer workshops for?

We offer both teen (13-17) and adult workshops.  

How long do the workshops last?

They are 12-week workshops that last 1 hour each.

What are the fees for the workshops?

They are free of charge.


What type of workshops do you offer?

We offer qigong/tai chi and mindfulness workshops 

Can I participate in the workshops if I have a physical disability?

Yes, any level of ability and mobility can participate. This includes using a wheelchair or cane or having limited mobility.  

What is the cost for the workshops?

They are free of charge.

Do you offer any online workshops?

Although we don't have it right now, stay tuned because we will offer it soon!

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